Case Study by Assure 360

//Case Study by Assure 360

Case Study by Assure 360


Emchia Asbestos Solutions was founded in 2016, and has quickly grown to become a major provider of asbestos services. Despite being a relatively new company, Emchia’s management team represents decades of experience, with managing director Luke Gumbley an industry veteran of more than 18 years. Today, Emchia operates from offices in Preston, Coventry and London, providing asbestos removal, land remediation and soft strip services for major clients across much of the UK


Since its inception, Emchia has aimed to provide – and become known for – the highquality of its services. A core strategy for growing the business was to use modern technology to reduce administrative overheads and increase efficiency, allowing Luke Gumbley to focus the company’s resources on achieving the best outcomes.

In starting a licensed asbestos-removal contractor (LARC) from scratch, Luke faced a common challenge. While Emchia couldn’t perform licensed asbestos removal until the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had granted it an initial 12-month licence, even getting to that stage required significant investments of time and money. As with other licensed asbestos-removal businesses, it was essential during the first year that the business performed as it said it would, and that it kept the records it would need to prove this to the HSE.

It’s often said that keeping an asbestos-removal licence is harder than gaining it, so at renewal time, LARCs such as Emchia need to be able to prove that the processes they described in their initial application have been implemented properly and remain effective. And with the HSE’s recent switch to an online, evidence-based system, businesses need additional guidance on the appropriate information and examples required by the inspectors, and how they should be presented.


Luke’s vision was for an agile company that, by minimising its overheads, could maintain extremely high levels of service while remaining very competitive on price. He recognised that technology could play a key part in achieving this: ensuring that the business could exceed its safety and regulatory requirements while minimising the time lost to form filling and paperwork. After reviewing the market, Luke chose Assure360 as Emchia’s technology

Luke explains that the business primarily uses Assure360 for health and safety audits, and for the personal monitoring of its asbestos-removal contractors. The software has helped Emchia keep costs down, removing the need for an administrator back at the office to coordinate and manage these roles. Assure360 is also helping Luke improve onsite efficiency by streamlining his supervisors’ recording of safety checks. The Assure360 team has been invaluable in supporting Emchia through its initial licence application, and two subsequent renewals.

In just four years, Emchia has built a reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality asbestos solutions. At its most recent licence assessment, the HSE assessor commented: “The company are clearly exemplars in the industry, which is to be encouraged.”

Emchia’s ability to deliver high-quality, tightly managed work at competitive rates is evidenced by its ongoing work on high-profile projects, such as the Manchester Mayfield redevelopment. Lauded for its responsive management, high working standards and outstanding overall performance, Emchia continues to grow through repeat business and significant domestic and commercial contracts.

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