Emchia launch “Mi-Health” system

//Emchia launch “Mi-Health” system

Emchia launch “Mi-Health” system

Emchia Asbestos Solutions Ltd have launched their new health monitoring system ‘Mi-Health’. The health & well-being of all site personnel is tracked & monitored ensuring they remain fit & healthy for work. In addition, we provide a full track record of workplace activities & exposures to reference in later life. Co-owner of Emchia, Luke Gumbley said “In our industry we are expected to provide exemplary standards of Health & safety, often the word ‘Health’ is ignored. Our guys are monitored for signs of any hearing loss, exposure to HAV etc to ensure they are fit for work. It also became quite obvious that the majority of guys in our industry do not have a track record of any exposures at all including asbestos personal monitoring. With Mi-Health all work activities are monitored & stored in their own iCloud that they can access any time, when an operative picks up a reciprocating saw the Vibration magnitude, noise levels & triger times are monitored. Every time an operative has personal monitoring this is saved immediately in their iCloud for future reference”

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