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Blackpool costal homes

PROJECT VALUE: £250k per annum 

DURATION:  3 years

Emchia has been awarded a framework agreement with Blackpool Coastal Homes to undertake the removal of licensed and non-licensed asbestos from tenanted and void properties across Blackpool and surrounding areas. The social housing redevelopment framework is managed by a small team, who deal with all of our domestic properties under the division Emchia Home Services. 

In order to maintain consistency, Emchia has one contracts manager overseeing the works, with assistance from the admin team and one of our Directors. This allows the BCH team a single point of contact to liaise with over any planned works and ensures we deliver a good service with minimal disruption to the following trades. We have also maintained the same supervisors and operatives, to ensure the quality of work is consistent and efficient. It also helps us to achieve and improve on our reaction times, to ensure the works are planned and removed efficiently in a controlled and safe manner. 

The project has been running successfully with an initial 25 to 30 properties being allocated to Emchia per month. After a couple of months, BCH increased this to 30 to 40 properties per month. The projects are allocated by BCH on an ad-hoc basis, and Emchia’s response time to commence removal works (non-licensed) is within 24 to 48hrs. 

The framework also includes public buildings and educational buildings that fall under the management duties of BCH or Blackpool Council. We have removed licensable and non-licensable asbestos materials from a number of school buildings to date, including asbestos insulating board (AIB) and thermal insulation. In the homes, the most common material is asbestos-containing floor tiles and bitumen adhesive. We have also removed AIB panels and soffits, AIB debris to risers in common areas, textured coating to walls and ceilings, and asbestos cement fascias, soffits and fireplace surround. 

This is the second social housing framework Emchia Asbestos Solutions have worked on, having also joined the Stockport Homes Group framework which runs concurrently with the BCH framework. 

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